Sign up for MUG

Charlie Suisman, publisher of the inestimable Manhattan User's Guide (MUG) needs our help. Today he asks each reader to sign up one person, like a good old-fashioned PBS pledge drive.

You can help keep MUG's daily email coming by passing along our link or signing up one person today. Simply put, we need to have enough subscribers to MUG to attract a limited amount of advertising. (Don't worry, not the pop-up, You've Won! Click Here!-kind-of-advertising, but, you know, tasteful, restrained advertising). That way, we can continue to offer MUG at no charge and pay our way. And every subscriber on our rolls helps.

Won't you please sign-up today? All that's required to keep you in the know about great New York stuff and happenings is an email address, your ZIP code, and your country. Normally I don't push this type of stuff, but MUG is far and away my favorite daily email subscription and I really value the information he uncovers. If you're a fellow New Yorker, I suspect you might as well.