A tale of two fish

There's a great article in today's Boston Globe about the grand striped bass and the lowly bluefish.

The striped bass had just woken up from a long, cold winter and Buddy was in a good mood. He told me he'd taken 35 stripers earlier in the week.

"What about bluefish?" I asked. "Are the bluefish in yet?"

Vanderhoop's face darkened. "Yes," he said. "Unfortunately."

After many summers of enduring the lowly bluefish for dinner (topped with butter, breadcrumbs, and lemon and baked in the oven by my grandmother), I've grown to love it in adulthood. When it's freshly-caught, it can't be beat. So moist and flavorful because it is rich in oil, it's assertive on the plate and doesn't take to fancifying with all sorts of sauces and whoop-dee-doo. Grilled, baked, or smoked, bluefish may be my favorite fish. I'm glad to see it getting some attention, but I, like the author, don't want to see it get too popular. Let them eat striper, I say.