A summer question regarding coffee

Why does the iced coffee cost more than the regular coffee? How can ice possibly cost $.75 or $1? It makes no sense. All I can think is that vendors are colluding and taking advantage of the temperature. Except if that were the case, then hot coffee should cost more in the winter and iced coffee would be cheaper. But you can't even get iced coffee in the winter, and you *can* get hot coffee in the summer. So really, frankly, I don't understand it.

Update: So I didn't know this but many have emailed to tell me that iced coffee usually uses more coffee (it's double brewed or they use more beans) to hold the flavor up against the melting ice. And that iced coffee comes in plastic cups, not paper, which cost more. And of course, ice costs money. But honestly, I still have a hard time believing it, especially when I've seen them "make" my iced coffee by putting ice in a cup and sticking it beneath the hot coffee spigot. That necessitates a price increase of 100%? Regardless, I'll buy it. I love it! Thanks for all the emails, guess I should have turned comments on.