If you're interested in seeing, fondling, or purchasing a new iPod in the NYC area, you'll have to wait until Friday night. The Apple store in SoHo (and I suspect the other stores as well) is having an iPod event from 6 – 10 PM with a "Live DJ, Free event poster, Limited-edition T-shirt. And more." You can also "win an awesome JBL sound system." I asked a salesman today why they didn't offer iPods at the store as soon as they were announced. He said they wanted, "to have everyone here, at once." While that may be fun (fun?) for the Apple store, it seems annoying for a curmudgeonly consumer like me. I don't want to pack into an Apple store on Friday night and hang out with a bunch of geeks and wait in a big line and be all crowded and bonked into. I just want to touch it before I buy it, and I can't do that online. Whine whine whine. I want an iPod now.

Update: Liz Phair will be at the SoHo store on Friday night. So maybe it *is* worth going! Tip from David.