An Open mind

ATTN: L'Oréal Marketing Dept.

RE: Round Two


After my inablity to achieve experte hair color last night (and as you now know, achieving instead garish results), I found myself Open to different hair colors. I sought something that would perhaps even out the cheetah-colored blend, while helping me, "see sparkling color alive with highlights." Alas, it turns out I am more than open about hair color, I am a foolish risk-taker who cannot learn a lesson. Didn't I learn about mixing red and blonde back in January '00?

It was the picture on the box that tricked me, mislead me, gave me hope. I wanted the "color that's never harsh, never fake." I wanted to be ZENITH 7c Copper Dark Blonde. It was, I admit, your marketing copy about ZENITH that sold me:

When you imagine your personal best, where are you? What are you doing? That's up to you. But your hair is probably this coppery dark blonde.

When I imagine my personal best, I am in New York City. I am walking down the streets of SoHo, wearing something sexy, something snuggly fitted that shows off my body. Heads are turning, both men and women, in my direction. Not because my hair is this coppery dark blonde, but because my hair is bright orange, a comic spectacle, a dye job so bad is supercedes the cheetah look of 24 hours ago.

Must I give up on L'Oréal completely? Is there no cheap hair product for me?

Living my personal worst,