Iraq and weblogs

Reading BBC correspondent Jim Muir's account of the death of BBC cameraman Kaveh Golestan and injury of producer Stuart Hughes this morning, I learned of Mr. Hughes blog, which he had been updating until his injuries on April 2. His Northern Iraq Weblog is packed with stories and photos, and seeing it was a Blog*Spot site filled me with a strange, powerful feeling.

Over the past four years, I've had such a range of emotions about Blogger and Pyra, many of which revolved around bitterness, anger, and disappointment. Time has done a good job of mellowing those feelings, and what time hasn't healed, (oddly enough) this war has. All those fights at the office, the worries about finances, the anger over indecision, all of it fades away into inconsequentiality when I see Salam Pax, Kevin Sites, and Stuart Hughes using Blogger to share their experiences with the world. I realize now, more than ever, it was all worth it.