A personal opinion

I've noticed that both Ev and Jason Shellen, following Google's acquisition of Pyra, now have disclaimers on their websites stating that everything written there is their personal opinion and not the views of their employer. I wonder if you see them in person if they have a similar message tattooed on their foreheads?

Update: This post isn't about Ev and Jason, for those who seem to have misconstrued it. It's about the fact that neither of them had disclaimers on their sites before the Google acquisition, and now they do. That seems odd to me and I wonder whether Google asked/forced/encouraged them to do it.

Further update: Matt points out that Nelson doesn't have a disclaimer. So maybe Google didn't have anything to do with it. Maybe Ev and Jason did it because they thought it was a good idea, in which case I wouldn't have written the post, because my point really was that I don't like the idea of companies telling employees what to do on their personal sites, or during their personal time, etc. And I know that running Blogger at Google, and in general using the web at work, blurs that line and makes it fuzzy and we haven't figured out what the balance is yet. But corporate disclaimers, at least when corporations demand them, make me feel icky. And that was the thought behind this post.