The story of the Pill

I caught the second half of a great American Experience the other night on The Pill and it was fascinating. Being able to control my fertility is something I don't think I fully appreciated until now. The accompanying website is also really good, with a wonderful timeline of contraception and explanations of the female menstrual cycle both on the Pill and off. For those that have forgotten the lessons of 7th grade sex ed, or attended schools that didn't teach it, there's a lot to learn from the program and the site. Also worth revisiting, Malcolm Gladwell's March 10, 2000 New Yorker article, John Rock's Error: What the co-inventor of the Pill didn't know about menstruation can endanger women's health. There's a lot to be thankful for in life, but it's the work of the early feminists — the suffragists and birth control advocates — for which I am especially grateful.