Taking choice too far?

An article in Fox News a few days ago by David Boaz, Democrats and the Right to Choose – What?, criticizes Democrats for not supporting "choice" more broadly, as if it's hypocritical to support individual freedoms in one instance and support the broader interests of society in the next. Boaz writes,

Whether or not you support the right to choose abortion, surely that is a more difficult issue, involving more lives and more complexities than the right to choose a school for your child, to use marijuana, or to own a gun. And yet many of the supporters of "a woman's right to choose" don't support a woman's right to make those choices.

While we're at it, I'd like the choice to yield to pedestrians when I'm driving and to pay for purchases at the store. Oh what? You say that I can't drive all high on marijuana, shooting off my gun, running down children (on their way to voucher schools of their mother's choosing) in the crosswalk? Drat. I was beginning to like libertarianism. [via Glenn]