Chimera badness

Ever since I got my iBook (back last June or so), I'd been using IE 5 for my web browsing. Old habits die hard I suppose, and I was just rather slow moving to something else. Recently though (pre-Safari) I made the move to Chimera. And its tabbed browsing has been wonderful — I love it and can't stand the thought of going back to non-tabbed browsing. But I fear I must because Chimera crashes three or four times a day for me (and I lose all those unread tabs). I've got the December 20th build that's supposed to be less buggy, but still, kaboom, down it unexpectadly goes. Potential culprits seem to be My Yahoo! and the New York Times, and I can't give those up. But the wonders of tabbed browsing keep me from moving to something else. I'm stuck.