Nagging Nora

The European Union, not to be outdone by the US and Bitchin' Betty, has a female voice of its own in the new Eurofighter, "a single-seat, twin-engine, combat aircraft."

Nagging Nora — as the pilots have facetiously named the voice in the cockpit — answers questions, such as the level of the fuel content. "Nagging Nora is a very effective way of passing on the information to the pilot," Neill said. "She's got a very strong English accent that is very good. There is also a male voice for easy things like non-flight safety critical aspects, but Nagging Nora kicks in when there is something really important."

I'm really not sure what my comment on this is, but it has to do with patriarchal military machismo and cultural assumptions that women instructing men is "nagging" or "bitching." 🙁 [thanks Meg]