Ultimate arrogant driving machine

The new Hummer 2, the "ultimate arrogant driving machine" is right. According to this SFGate article, the new Hummer 2 SUV is very popular in Marin County (Bay Area, CA) and understandably so. Says Gerry Schumacher, who heads up Team Hummer in San Rafael,

But my clients like to know that if they had to get off Highway 101 and go over Mount Tam, they could. That's where it turns into a family insurance policy.

I think of all the times I needed to drive off Highway 101 and head over Mount Tam when I lived out there, why it was nearly every day! Of course, with the Hummer 2's power, I don't know why Marin residents would even bother to leave the road. Why not simply drive *over* the smaller vehicles blocking your route? Those little VWs and Hondas will squash like the mites they are when you power over them with your 10-miles-to-the-gallon, 316 horsepower V8. Just press the button which, "raises rear tires up to 2 inches" and away you go. [via Mena]