Adaptation Screening

I was lucky enough to attend a preview screening of Adaptation at SFMOMA last night (thanks New Yorker Nights series and Rebecca for the tip!) and it was really something. Having read the book it was sometimes difficult for me to relax and enjoy the flow of the movie, my brain kept jumping ahead to "what was next." Of course, my brain was often wrong because the movie, at least the first half, does not proceed like the book or chronologically. It jumps back and forth between years and decades and centuries to create its story and only becomes more linear as the film heads for the finish. I'm very much looking forward to seeing it again when it's released. There was too much richness to absorb in one sitting.

The true delight of the evening was meeting Susan Orlean. She was just as I imagined she would be — ebullient and gracious and wonderfully at ease while the hubbub of a movie fictionalizing parts of her life swirled about her. Now I am paying the price for such a wonderful evening: I'm exhausted and I have a zillion things to do in preparation for our move next week. Guh.