Goodbye Happy Mac

NOOOOOO!!!! Ever since I got my iBook last spring, I've been meaning to write a post about my fondness for Happy Mac, an icon of a smiling Macintosh that appears when your computer is booting up. The first time I turned on my iBook, I saw that smiling face and I felt like I'd come home. Happy Mac used to greet me back in the early 90s on my Mac Classic (except for the time the "?" and a disk icon appeared, indicating the hard drive had gone missing, which is another story entirely). Seeing it on my new machine instantly brought a smile to my face and created a kinship between me and my machine. But it appears that Happy Mac is gone with the Jaguar upgrade (which I haven't done yet). Wired News is reporting that Happy Mac is dead and Apple has no comment. I hold out hope that the outrage of Mac users everywhere will bring about its return, just as it did the last time they tried to remove Happy Mac, with the original launch of OS X.