I’m mad as hell

What ever happend to the talk about health care for every citizen? I'm in one of those moods today because my health insurance premium has increased 85.3% in the last five months. Of course, I called and talked to three different people for thirty minutes, and I never had the right person on the phone who could give me the information I needed.

Why can't businesses organize themselves around the customer? I don't care how they divvy up the work behind the scenes, but can't I talk to one person who can tell me a) my premium, b) what my plan covers, c) how much I've paid this year towards my deductable, and d) the difference between my current plan and a cheaper one? I couldn't at HealthNet. Argh! Can't we get some kind of universal health care system in the US? For those of us that are self-employed, and for those that are unemployed, health insurance continues to be a big expense, and an even bigger pain in the neck.