AWA – Another Weblog Article

Living in the Blog-osphere is another article about weblogging, this one from Newsweek. I've been hesitant to link to it because it annoyed me (again) for getting simple facts wrong (again) and I didn't want to bore you with my complaints (again) about it. But then I decided I'd post it because there are folks who read this site who might enjoy the article (Hi Gram and Gramp H and Gram and Gramp Pete!) and not see it elsewhere.

For what it's worth, I think the article does provide a nice introduction to blogging and I'm still thrilled with the continued press coverage and the further "mainstreamization" of blogging. Also, there were two founders at Pyra, not three. And I'm bummed they didn't mention our new book, We Blog: Publishing Online with Weblogs. (Which contrary to what Amazon is saying, is published. I guess they haven't gotten it yet. Grrr!)