Air Force One at Banff

air force one and angel force one on the tarmac at calgary international airport, june 27, 2002

My trip to Banff overlapped with the G8 summit in Kananaskis so during my travels I was treated to stronger security, travel delays as the roads closed for motorcades to path through, and the amazing sight of Air Force One and Angel Force One (I always thought it was called 'Air Force Two' but they made an announcement and called it Angel Force One) sitting on the tarmac right beyond our gate. We actually taxied right past them both. It's weird to see something like that in real life after getting so much exposure via TV and the movies. It took a moment for it to actually sink in and realize what I was looking at.

Banff was great — a beautiful location and incredible people, I only wish I could have stayed longer. But I'm exhausted, more tired than I've been after a conference in a long time. I've been going a million miles an hour for months now and all I want to do is sleep, for days. Write-ups about what I learned will have to wait until I can think clearly again. For now, I am happy to just be quiet.