Thinking about dreams deferred

I've been thinking recently about things I used to want to do or learn that never quite worked out, for any number of reasons. It's funny to look back on some of these things, the longing is still there.

A list of dreams deferred:
– Learn to play the violin (also included bout of learn to play the flute)
– Become a doctor and cure cancer
– Become an astronaut (travel to the moon!)
– Go to the Olympics
    - as a downhill skier
    - as a rower
– make movies (write and film them with my own little camera)
– live in Europe

All hope is not lost on the dream front though, as one long-held dream's status has changed to "realized." In the past week I've received two checks for writing I've done. I can now say I'm a Writer, which is (for most of my life anyway) what I always wanted to be when I grew up.