My downhill dreams

Watching the men's downhill on Sunday evening I was so craving the slopes and wanting to just point my skies straight down the hill and tuck. See, I've always wanted to be a downhiller. Always. Even now. And no matter how many people say to me things like, "but don't you realize how fast they go?" And, "wouldn't you be scared?" I have to say, "yes" and "no."

I love skiing, it's probably my favorite sport in the whole world. And I learned how to ski before I even remember doing so. I've always known how to ski. For a while in the 80's I was skiing four days a week (high school ski team and weekends in Vermont). Now I never go, I don't have the budget for it. But watching Sunday, visions of a comeback formed in my head. Perhaps I still could fulfill my dream of being a downhill racer. Or at least just going very straight and very fast down the slopes without getting my lift ticket pulled by the ski patrol.