Playing with the Blogger API

I whiped up a little interface to the Blogger API this evening that allows you to post to megnut there along the side (see where it says, "Experimenting"). It may or may not work, since it was working when I first started playing with it and now Blogger refuses to FTP the file to this server. Anyway, try it out. The goal here (as explained also on the posting page) is to allow megnut readers to share content. I could have/should have implemented comments but for a variety of reasons haven't done that yet. So this is my alternative.

Of course there are a couple of caveats: only five posts will ever appear at a time, and I reserve the right to delete anything that's inappropriate. Also, HTML won't work, but I'm not doing any client or server-side checking for it. It will just barf behind the scenes on the XML-RPC call and your post won't appear. Consider yourself warned. Aside from that, it should, in theory, work. Let me know what you think.

Update: It simply does not seem to be publishing to the site, though I'm setting the publish param to true. If you have any ideas as to why, I'd appreciate it. I'm giving up for tonight and going to bed. Perhaps it will fix itself tomorrow.