Visiting the new Prada store

While in NYC, I also visited the new Prada store designed by Rem Koolhaus and I was very disappointed. I had decided that no matter what the price of the items, I would try something on, just to experience the dressing rooms with the "butt view" display screens. But there was nothing, and I mean nothing, that even looked cool to me. In Vegas I'd seen a beautiful little black dress at the Prada store at the Bellagio, so I thought maybe something like that would be ideal. But this store was filled with ridiculous, horrible, peasant-style blouses and $4,200 pants with fabric flowers attached to them. The only thing I tried on was a pair of black, fur-lined, snowboarding gloves, but that didn't necessitate a trip to the dressing room.

Oh, the space was cool and all that, but the vibe and the fashion was just too-too for me, as in "I'm too smart (and poor) to spend tootally too much money on this absurd clothing." It's a shame, I want to like Prada, I really do. But I don't. (Except some of the shoes, I do like some of the shoes.)