Thoughts on Lord of the Rings

I really enjoyed Lord of the Rings yesterday, eventhough I had set myself to be disappointed. One thing that worried me going in was my lack of familiarity with the stories. I've only read The Hobbit, and that was nearly twenty years ago. I worried if I'd be able to follow the film, or if I'd lose interest somehow, not knowing it intimately. But no worries there, they did an excellent job of making a coherent tale out of it all, though I'm sure some die hard fans will object to the reorganization of the narrative that resulted in doing so. The acting was excellent, the scenary and effects naerly top notch, and just about everything was done well. What a relief! (And so much better than Harry Potter.)

I keep forgetting they're playing commercials at the movies now before the previews (yes, commercials, like you see on TV, in case you're not being subjected to this). What kills me is that everyone quiets down and pays attention, as if it were a preview or the actual film. But it's a goddamn commercial! I'm paying to to be advertised to. From now on, I want more civil disobedience. I try to talk right through then and then turn my attention to the screen once the actual "movie" content begins. I encourage you to do the same, just talk right through those commercials as if nothing's started playing yet. We shouldn't have to pay to watch commercials, it's ridiculous. (FYI: this is happening at the Sony Metreon in San Francisco.)

Jason pointed out something interesting about this to me: the movie theatres must be hurting for money if they've resorted to advertising to their captive audience. Possibly, or they're greedier than I ever suspected. And if they need money, I just have to wonder what the heck is going on. $10 a ticket, $4.75 for popcorn, $3.75 for soda. Where's it all going? To recoup the costs of making those stupid blockbusters like Pearl Harbor? It looks like the Industry may be a victim of its own greed.