First trip to Krispy Kreme

We took our first pilgrimage to the new Krispy Kreme last night. It was a mob scene, with security guards directing traffic and a line for the Drive-Thru that looked like the start of the Indy 500. Inside, a snaking line led customers past the Konveyor belt (I don't know if they spell it that way but they should) where we watched mounds of dough get formed into rings, ride up and down as they flowed through a heated rising unit, stared as the now-plump dough dropped into vats of oil and floated down stream, flipped, and finally passed beneath the sugar waterfall. Coated, plumped, and warm, they finished their journey down the final stretch of the conveyor belt, into a box, then into our tummies. They simply melted in our mouths.

And breaking news!!! Next door to the Krispy Kreme, under construction? You guessed it, another one of California's favorite spots to pack on the pounds and clog the arteries: an In-an-Out Burger. Daly City, you're my hero!