Now begins the Boston visit

It's so nice to be in Boston. The sky is so blue and clear and sunny. The air is crisp. There are leaves everywhere. And it just smells so nice. It smells like fall. It smells like home. Today, walking from Charlestown to Beacon Hill and back again, I wonder why I choose to live anyplace else. Fall in New England, even late Fall, is magical.

Tomorrow I'm going over the river and through the woods to my grandmother's house. Honestly.

While I'm at it, I should tell you about how my flight yesterday from Washington National to Boston flew right over the Pentagon and I could see where the whole side of it was smashed out by the September 11 attack and subsequent debris removal. It was unreal. By the time my little plane passed over NYC it was dark, and all I could see were the floodlights at Ground Zero. Still, seeing it, and knowing what was missing, made me cry.

I'll probably post the rest of my thoughts about the P2P Conference and my slides from my talk when I return to San Francisco next week. I'm not likely to be online much before that.