My talk is coming up very soon

Today's the big Day of Talks, half an hour until Collaborative Journalism. Should be fun, though I'm tired. This getting up at 7 am is hard work, as is all the talking.

One of my favorite expressions so far, gleaned from the "Military Applications for P2P" panel yesterday was decision superiority. The armed forces are always looking to gain decision superiority apparently, and now I want to as well. I think that would be really helpful in most situations.

Another expression used yesterday that I loved came from Cory Doctorow in his "A New Way of Understanding P2P" presentation. He talked about the concept of an imagination proposition, or the idea that people get involved in something simply because it's interesting. An example he stated was the huge number of people involved in SETI@home vs. P2P projects searching for cures for AIDS or cancer. While the value proposition for an AIDS cure is higher than the search for extraterrestrial life, it's simply more interesting to people to dedicate their spare CPU cycles to the search for aliens. Imagination proposition. I love it.