Happy Halloween

flappy halloween!Happy Halloween! I've just baked some mini-pumpkin cookies to take to a party this evening. Once they've cooled I'm going to frost them, hopefully with more skill than the last batch of sugar cookies I made (penguins that were tasty but ugly as sin.)

I've been thinking about Halloween costumes today, trying to recall my favorite from childhood, but nothing special comes to mind except the sushi costumes some friends and I wore to a party two years ago. We were supposed to be different types of maki (except our friend Kip who was tamago, he wore a white t-shirt, spray painted a giant piece of foam yellow, placed it on his back and cinched a black trashbag around his waist to imitate the seaweed, it was something!), but it didn't quite work as I'd planned. Still, I think it's my favorite costume, and certainly my favorite costume attempt. Perhaps next year I'll try it again. This year I'm recycling a different old costume: my spider hat that I made in 1997. I'll try to post a picture this afternoon.