Fun with German

One of the funnest things about Berlin was trying to speak German. German is cool, especially because instead of writing two s's they write one ß (what's this thing called?). So you'll see things like straße rather than strasse (which means street). From now on here at megnut, I may employ the "B" s. Except that there's not as much opportunity to use it in English, since we don't have as many back-to-back s's. Heck. I can't even think of one right now that doesn't include an apostrophe. Oh! Accessible. From now on, I shall write it acceßible. Ja. Gut.

I need to get a wireless PC card for my laptop. Any recommendations? Horror stories and must-avoids out there? I'm looking for something under $100. As far under as possible. Thanks in advance.

Oh! Embarraßing is another.