Hello from rainz Berlin and

Hello from rainz Berlin and the Wizards of OS conference (where I'm typing on a QWERTZ keyboard and can't locate the Y). After 20 hours of travelling we arrived safelz to our hotel and promptlz fell asleep. Now we've seen some sights, eaten something I don't know the name of, and successfullz registered for the conference and ordered coffee and Coke. Quite a vacation we're having here. I'm all readz for mz presentation tonight at 8pm and can't wait until it's overwith. Then I've nothing to do but hang out and enjoz the citz. And trz to learn a little more German. Not as manz people seem to speak English over here as we'd hoped so we're flailing about a bit. I'll report more on everzthing later, for now just wanted to report we've made it here.