A new megnut design

thumbnail of new megnut design, click to see larger versionBehold a nearly-complete new megnut design! Finally. I can't say that I'm super happy with it, but I needed to give up on perfection and satisfaction and hunker down to get something done. The other sections aren't really fleshed out yet, I'll be adding content as I have the time. Cooking does have one recipe though, and for those ladies that attended a certain "ladies brunch" last weekend, you'll recognize this crisp.

Hopefully this design will work for everyone (or nearly so). I haven't seen it on a Mac, so feedback is welcomed. It will not look very good on anything below Netscape 6.1 on Windows. It's all CSS these days. Anyway, I'm sure something's broken, messed-up, or misspelled. Email me if you're inclined and I'll do my best to fix it up. Now to eat some dinner!

Post-dinner update: I've added an image so you can see what it's supposed to look like. If you're seeing something different than the pop-up (click on screenshot above, warning large pop-up 703×655), please let me know. Thanks!