Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes? Well it was better than The Score, but it was no, um, no (grasping to recall some movie viewed recently at the theatre that was actually good, but none come to mind, none! What is it with movies this year? Huh? They all majorly nearly-suck. There's nothing just plain incredible. And to think, in '99 in the span of a few weeks I saw "Fight Club," "American Beauty," and "Being John Malkovich." Jesus, if I could see one move of that calibre this summer I'd be psyched.) So PotA was kinda cool with its effects and makeup but the dialogue was just terrible. And character development and film junk like that was entirely absent. And I'd hoped to be a little scared of apes during it, but I wasn't. Jesus I hope Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is good. The preview looked damn funny, and I love Kevin Smith, and Jason Lee is reprising his role as Brody Bruce, so it's got to be good, right? Right? Please? Please let there be one good movie this summer.