I love the moon

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More on the Moon today (which prompted a certain someone to remark, "you should rename your site MoonNut.") Apollo 17 was the final mission to the moon, and on December 14, 1972 Gene Cernan and Harrison "Jack" Schmitt blasted off from Taurus-Littrow to rendezvous with Ron Evans in the command module and return to earth. Sadly, we've never returned. Apollo 17 is the only mission that occurred after I was born, and for some reason that makes it feel special for me, as if I too experienced our time on the moon eventhough I was too young to be aware of it.

Check out this film of their lift-off (3.6 mb) shot from their Lunar Rover, which remained on the Moon. There is just a slew of cool images to check out from the mission. Here's Jack Schmitt with the American flag and Earth over his shoulder. Looking at them it's hard to fathom that all this really happened, it's hard to believe that men actually walked on the Moon.

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