In threes…

In case you were wondering what happened to megnut, the Internet connection to the Pyra office (where the box that hosts megnut lives) was severed on Tuesday, bringing down many sites, including this one. If you sent me any email on Tuesday or Wednesday, I didn't get it, since my mail was also hosted there. Things are fixed for now, mail is relocated in one place, server in another. Bad luck example #1.

On Wednesday afternoon, "because of unfavorable market conditions and the Company's need to reallocate expenses" my position at work was eliminated "due to a reduction in force." I think the letter could have been written a little more truthfully, something along the lines of: "Because of ineffective management conditions and the Company's unwillingness to reallocate resources…." but that's just my opinion. Bad luck example #2.

On Wednesday evening I returned home to find my cat was ill. Very ill. And I'm still not sure why. We took him to the all night animal hospital, where they kept him for observation and did bloodwork and took X-rays which didn't turn up much of anything. He seems OK now, but I'm still concerned. As such, we've cancelled our plans to go camping with friends up north so we can spend the weekend at home. Bad luck example #3.

But you know what? I'm fine with it all. I'll go hiking another time. My kitty is here with me now. And heck, I didn't like my job. Not one bit. It wasn't interesting. It wasn't challenging. And culturally it was a terrible fit, and I mean terrible! I'll miss working with some of the nice folks there, and I'll miss the paychecks, but that's it. That clueless train can head on down the tracks without me and Matt on board.