Some thougths on Bobos in Paradise

While on vacation, I finished reading Bobos in Paradise by David Brooks, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was very funny in parts, laugh-out-loud funny even, and his observations were keen. I found many of his thoughts echoed similar ones of my own, particularly concerning the search for community and connection that seems so prevalant these days. The one disappointment I found, overall, was a lack of stance. Brooks acknowledges at the beginning that he considers himself a Bobo, and while there was some finger-pointing, it was mostly self-directed and too kind. What I'd hoped for, at least by the end, was a global statement along the lines of, "Eek! What's happening to our culture isn't very good. Here's some stuff we can do to address it." But there wasn't, and the end felt flat because of it. I do recommend it though, if only because it gives one some interesting nuggets to chew on while sipping one's latte.

That was more of a book report than I intended.