Do you use Outlook Express?

If you use Outlook Express, could you please email me and tell me if it's possible to have messages marked "read" after reading them only through the preview pane? I read almost all my mail that way, and Outlook Sr. automatically unbolds messages afterwards, but Jr. doesn't. This is aggrevating me to no end, and also confusing me. I fear I may end up in an email loop, reading the same "unread" messages over and over and over again for the rest of my days. And that would be very sad indeed.

Update: the solution, as sent in by astute and FAST AS HELL (the post had been up less than five minutes!) reader Matt Gifford is: "Go to Tools > Options. Click the Read tab. Check "Mark message as read after displaying for X seconds". Set the number of seconds to 0." Yippee!! Megnut [hearts] Matt for his helpfulness.

Since the language on the setting said "after displaying", I wasn't sure if that meant messages would be marked as "read" after they'd been sitting in the Inbox, whether I'd clicked on them or not. Stupid confusing language.