A Hollywood blockbuster: Spungus!

So we've all heard that the Mir is covered with some strange space fungus (like Athlete's Foot, only less researched!). And we also know that Taco Bell will give out free tacos to all residents of the US if Mir hits a target floating in the ocean. I smell an evil plot: I bet the US government has discovered the space fungus is fatal to human beings, and has made a deal with Taco Bell to inoculate all Americans against this "spungus," thereby protecting all of us, but allowing the rest of the world (and inhabitants of Alaska and Hawaii, since they're never in on any contests like this) to succumb to this evil creature from outer space. Then the world will be ours! Bwaahaha! And we'll have all the electricity we need! Bwaahahahahaha!

I also see a good movie here, "In a world out of this world…" Julia Roberts as feisty Margaret Sinclair, PhD, her research leads her to believe the spungus will eat through human flesh, just as it's eaten through Mir's windows. But no one will listen. Sentator Edmonds tells America not to worry, he tells the President Not To Worry.

Late at night, in her lab, Dr. Sinclair develops the vaccine. But no one will try it. It's only after the skin of the President's face falls off during a press conference, killing him on the spot, that America responds. Dr. Sinclair uses the power of the web to disseminate information about the vaccine, etc. etc. etc. You know how this ends. Two lovers (Ben Affleck as Bobby McBride, the chopper pilot who flies by the seat of his pants and the strings of his heart. He carts Dr. Sinclair all over America, dispensing the vaccine), embracing on the beach, as the sun rises overhead. The dawn of a new day, and a new civilization.

Spungus Cast
Julia Roberts is Margaret Sinclair, PhD.
Ben Affleckis Bobby McBride, Pilot.
Morgan Freemanis Dr. Noel Keen, Director of the Lab.
Russell Croweis the President of the USA.
Donald Sutherland is Evil Senator Hal Edmonds.