Angry megnut, angry at popup ads

Granted, I'm in a pissy mood as it is, but you know what's making it worse? GODDAMN FUCKING POPUP ADS! If you happen to have any influence regarding your company's website, and if it happens to have advertising on it, for Pete's sake, don't have banner ads that spawn pop-ups over and over and over. If you must do it, set a cookie once the user closes the window, and don't do it again. And don't launch more if the user just minimizes the first window.

I'm tempted not to even mention the name of the site that's infuriated me so with its obnoxious usage of pop-ups because I don't want to send any traffic there. But I do want you to be warned, so I'll whisper it in your ear, Epicurious. Bah, I'm never searching for recipes there again.