Happy Halloween. If I weren’t

Happy Halloween. If I weren't so lame and tired, I would have worn my spider hat to work today so you could see it. It's so cool, I made it several years ago for Halloween. Now I wish I'd worn it. Oh well.

So I'm not going to be able to update much in the next few days (surprise!) because I'm going to be over at WEB2000, I'll be around the Blogger booth (on the show floor, off in the back, to the left from where you enter) quite a bit, and I'm also speaking on Bryan's web apps panel on Friday morning, so if you're around, stop by. And hey, did you see this weblogging article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday? I'd write a longer response to it, but I'm swamped.

Have a safe and happy halloween, don't eat the candy with the razor blades in it. Nobody wants to see that now, do they?