New York’s, and World’s, Finest.

New York's, and World's, Finest. Ick. I've refrained from talking at all about the World Series because I don't particularly care for either team, but I had hoped to see the Mets win. I guess I was secretly rooting for the Mets, just to see the Yankees lose. Alas, no. Stupid Yankees. I hate the Yankees.

And speaking of sports, the big game tomorrow isn't going to be broadcast here because stupid children's programming is on. Kids! How come kids get priority over #1 Nebraska vs. #3 Oklahoma? Huh? The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh? I want to see Crouch and the option crush Oklahoma, not the Mickey MouseWorks. And I don't want to go to a bar at 9 am to do it.

I'm still sick and I'm still cranky, and I want to watch football tomorrow. Waaaahhh!!!!!