You know what’s silly about

You know what's silly about my new TiVo (which I'm currently setting up)? It just uses the plain old phone line. It's downloading data right now over my phone line, and I'm sitting here on my computer downloading crap way faster via DSL. Why doesn't TiVo use your DSL if you've got it? Seems like it should. Aside from that, I'm quite pleased with it so far, setting it up was a breeze, even though I've got my cable running through my VCR and into my stereo receiver, and I've got Super Nintendo hooked up too, but I just added another coax cable, moved the cable (service) cable into the TiVo and another out from TiVo into VCR, and presto! TiVo, VCR, stereo, TV, and video games: a geek girl's dream. Actually, a geek girl's real dream would include DVD. What I've got is a poor geek girl's dream.