I take back all the

StarbucksI take back all the terrible things I ever said about Starbucks, whatever they were. Two days in a row, I've been totally surprised by the service I've received at the Starbucks on 4th Street. A little history (don't worry, it's brief): I stopped driving to work a few weeks ago and started taking the MUNI again, which means I walk down 4th Street to my office. Which means I started stopping in at Starbucks for a coffee to drink along the way. I'd say I've been in about three or four times a week, for the past three weeks. Ok, enough background…

On Monday there was some mix-up, and I waited about ten minutes for my drink. Somehow it didn't get made, they apologized when they realized, and made it immediately. Late, but not particularly upset, I went on my way. After all, these things happen. Yesterday I ordered my drink, and as I tried to pay, the woman who'd fixed the mix-up on Monday dashed from behind the espresso machine to the register before I could pay and said this drink was on them, for messing up the day before. Smiling, I left with my free latte. I smiled all the way to work, as that kind of thing really puts my in a good mood.

Today I arrive, and find the line is really long (the Oracle OpenWorld conference is nearby at Moscone). I get in it, waiting about four minutes until I get to the register. I say, "venti soy latte, please." And the woman at the register hands me a drink. I assume that they've got an extra or something, so I ask, "is this soy?" And she says, "Yes, we saw you in line so we made your drink for you." I was dumb-founded. I think I said something like, "really?!" I just couldn't believe it. I thanked them all and headed down the street with a double-big smile on my face.

That Starbucks, without a doubt, provides some of the best customer service I've ever received.