Dear Readers – I’m sorry

Dear Readers –

I'm sorry for the lack of updates recently, you see, I've been secluded. My training requires it. What? megnut's going to the Olympics? No no no, it's The Fair. This weekend. And my goal: for an entire day, to consume only food on sticks. No one does food on sticks like Minnesota.

I've been practicing up in my apartment these past few days. I started small, with toothpicks and little pieces of fruit. Once my hand developed the requisite strength, I moved on to tofu on longer sticks. Soon it was Grape Nuts on toothpicks in the morning, vegetables on wooden skewers in the evening. My grip is indomitable; my stamina, tested; my stomach, ready to digest any stray wooden sliver that should slip down my throat.

Thank you for your patience and support during my absence. A day such as this should not be undertaken lightly, and knowing that your thoughts are with me during this challenging time will help me persevere. I shall think of you all, as I recall the words of my old rowing coach, "Pain is temporary. Pride is forever." Food on sticks, here I come!

Yours always,

ps. I may even post a picture or two upon my return.
pps. May your long weekend be filled with food on sticks as well.