After all the usual last-minute

After all the usual last-minute struggles and errors and freak-outs (well, me at least, I was having minor freak-outs), NewsBlogger is live! Now the site is cool and all, I love the design…and what you can do with it (publish news from Moreover to your Blogger-powered sites) is totally rad. But the thing that really gets my heart a-poundin' is how it's all done. Yup, XML baby, XML. All the headlines are pulled from Moreover's XML feeds, the search results are returned in XML as well, and all of NewsBlogger's interactions with Blogger are via Blogger's XML interface. We're going to release the details of the interface soon, in the meantime, enjoy NewsBlogger. And I recommend you do some XML development, it's so damn fun (well except for some pesky issues with the XMLDOM but that's another story).