Yesterday someone asked me if

Yesterday someone asked me if the dot-com slowdown/fall-out had affected me. I said, no, not really. Little did I know how soon that statement would come back to haunt me. As I checked out last night at Kozmo, I was told, "Kozmo has a five dollar minimum order." This was news to me, there'd been no message on the front page to tell me their policy had changed. Last time I ordered, several weeks ago, there'd been no minimum. I guess keeping a staff on hand to deliver movies to my door at $3.99 a pop isn't as viable as they thought. (I know they really didn't think it was viable, right, they were just hooking me in, but what they didn't realize is that it's all about the videos for me, not about the instant delivery of any random item. At least, not yet.) They suggested I buy a Coke for $1.25. I rented a second movie instead. Perhaps it's time to bite the bullet, buy a DVD player, and switch to Netflix.