[warning: the following entry contains

[warning: the following entry contains bad words, words that you ( momdadgrandmaaunt marciapb ) probably don't want to hear me say]

I think I'm a little naive, at least when it comes to vocabulary, or bad vocabulary. Sure I know words like solipsistic and perspicacious, but it wasn't until twelfth grade that I learned the word twat. One of my closest high school friends had a terrible fight with her mother, a screaming argument in the kitchen as they sat drinking orange juice in the breakfast nook, a fight during which my friend's mother called her a twat. Huh? I said when she told me the details of the fight on the walk to school, What's that mean? Somewhat surprised at my ignorance, she explained.

Jump ahead ten years, I'm out to dinner the other night, a friend uses the expression Pussy Whipped. I don't say anything, I understand what she means from the context but this is new to me, pussy whipped? Oh dear…I ask around. Turns out lots of other people know this word, *lots* of people. Except me. I never knew that before the "whipped" I'd so casually used in reference to many a boy, there lay an unsaid, "pussy." I don't think I like that expression so much anymore.