Megnut’s Adventures in Hair: The Final Chapter

So after polling readers, and ignoring their advice, I dyed my hair blonde. Which turned the ends pink (where it had been bright red before). Which looked really stupid. So yesterday I went to Ingrid, my favorite stylist and told her to cut off all the pink, even if I ended up with very short hair. Which she did. And I ended up with very short, blonde hair. Yesterday I felt like I didn't look like myself anymore, I felt like I was wearing a disguise. But I was thinking about it last night, and more this morning, and I realized that I like it. And I realized that you can't hide when you have short hair.

With really short hair, it's all about your face. If I get a zit, I can't strategically attempt to place some piece of hair over it. If I feel uncomfortable, I can't look down, and have hair cover my eyes. With short hair, your protection is gone. Your face, your head, is exposed for the world to see, in its entirety. My ears stick out now. My forehead seems to have some wrinkles now that the bangs don't cover it. But I like it. It's like you see me now, and I can't hide from you.