Girls don’t like logic and math

Maybe you've seen the ads for the Hot Wheels PC and the Barbie PC, but did you know that if you purchase the Barbie PC, you don't get the same software? Yup, to make room for more Barbie Fashion Designer and Detective Barbie crap on the Barbie PC, Mattel left off some logic, math, and anatomy software that's found on the Hot Wheels machine. This insidious sexism is so ingrained in our society that the Mattel spokesperson says, "In no way did we intend to slight them by withholding any content that was on the Hot Wheels PC." But you did, you see…you're sending a subtle message that logic and advanced math and anatomy are subjects for boys, whereas fashion is an appropriate arena for girls. Grrrr…this type of stuff makes me so mad! [ny times, registration req.]