A soy latte exchange

I went to the Tully's on Irving Street (@9th) for my usual vanilla soy latte. The man behind the counter told me they were out of vanilla soy.

me: "That's strange, no one seems to have vanilla soy. It's like there's a Bay Area vanilla soy shortage."
lame counter person: "There is. The distributor that everyone uses doesn't have any."
me: "Why doesn't somone go across the street to the store and buy some to tide you over?"
lame counter person: "Because that would mean I have to walk a block to the store."
other lame counter person: "And he doesn't want to do that."
me: "Your boss should pay you to do that."
lame counter person: "I am the boss."
me: "Hmm, that doesn't bode well for this store."

result: I'm not buying lattes from that Tully's anymore!