Here at Pop!Tech, they've got…

Image_53.jpgHere at Pop!Tech, they've got e4b at breakfast. e4b (or Easy 4 Busy) is a fruit puree packaged in a space-age pouch. You remove the screw top, squirt the puree into your mouth, and imagine you're on the first voyage to Mars. At least, that's how I felt when I had it for breakfast yesterday. Its texture is like baby food, but with 110 blueberries, 6 raspberries, 1/2 banana, and 1.5 apples (the blueberry raspberry flavor, there are others) mushed into a single pouch, it's an easy way for grown-ups to get their daily allowance of fruit. I am boldly going where no fruit eater has gone before!

Off to PopTech!

I'm heading to Maine today for a conference called Pop!Tech. Posting might be lighter than usual through the end of the week, but I'm hopeful that I'll be filled with new ideas and insights upon my return. One of the speakers will be chef Homaro Cantu of Moto, maker of edible menus and patentor of culinary processes. Perhaps I'll get a chance to ask him about recipe copyright while I'm there.