Goodbye pinkie toenail

Warning: Do not read if you're easily grossed out. My pinky toenails usually fall off, or start peeling and then I kind of pick off the top layer, exposing a fresh new baby toenail beneath. But just now, as I sat at my desk browsing the web, I began picking at my toenail. To my horror I discovered that there was *no* baby toenail beneath! That's right, no toenail. Ewwwww….I have no nail on my right pinky toe. I'm all wigged out now. I sure hope it grows back. Now it's just smooth skin, with a little indent where the nail should grow from. 🙁

The picture’s back story

Looking at that picture, I realize that my teeth look nice and straight, which is funny since a) they're not really so straight and b) I never had braces. I always wanted braces though, is that just a teenage girl thing, or do guys want braces when they're little too?

A better picture update

New picture, much better. Craig took it at some point last night while we were out and about. I don't remember it. Some parts of the evening are a little blurry. My decision making ability was so impaired that pb and I thought we should drink Crown & Cokes when we got home. Mistake mistake, now I'm not feeling so hot.