The web has standards too

WSJ [subscription required]"'When you redesign a Web site, you're putting everything at risk,' says Mr. Reiss. 'It's not just content; the functionality changes. If we redesigned the magazine [ESPN The Magazine], I wouldn't be worried about people knowing how to use the magazine.'" Ummm….Mr. Reiss….there are some standards when it comes to web design, and most visitors know how to use the web. A well-designed site should have an interface so intuitive that the first-time user, or the fiftieth-time user should be able to locate the desired functionality.

Buy your car online today

Carsdirect: buy a car off the web. What struck me was that they said I could have the car in less than a week, which seems pretty fast to me. The bummer was that they don't really give you much information about the car and the options, so unless you already know what the difference is between Oxford Green Metallic and Glacier Green Metallic, you'll have to do a lot of guessing, or go to the dealer, where you can drive away with your car today. [via eatonweb]

A new word for megnut

It's not often I stumble across a word that I'm not familiar with. But here's one I read in an article today: inchoate (n-kot) adjective 1. In an initial or early stage; incipient. 2. Imperfectly formed or developed: a vague, inchoate idea. Excerpted from The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition 1996 by Houghton Mifflin Company.